E-TABM-1039 - Transcription profiling of liver, skeletal muscle and white adipose tissue from ApoE3L mice

Released on 28 July 2010, last updated on 5 January 2012
Mus musculus
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Our aim was to investigate gene expression changes over time in liver of ApOE3*Leiden mice on a high-fat diet. Probesets were remapped and annotated into Entrez gene-ids using the custom MBNI CDF-file, version 9.0.1 - the GCRMA data generated
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, prganism part comparison, time series, growth condition
Coordinated and interactive expression of genes of lipid metabolism and inflammation in adipose tissue and liver during metabolic overload. Liang W, Tonini G, Mulder P, Kelder T, van Erk M, van den Hoek AM, Mariman R, Wielinga PY, Baccini M, Kooistra T, Biggeri A, Kleemann R. :e75290 (2013), Europe PMC 24086498
Time-Resolved and Tissue-Specific Systems Analysis of the Pathogenesis of Insulin Resistance. Robert Kleemann, Marjan van Erk, Lars Verschuren, Anita M. van den Hoek, Maud Koek, Peter Y. Wielinga, Annie Jie, Linette Pellis, Ivana Bobeldijk-Pastorova, Thomas Kelder, Karin Toet, Suzan Wopereis, Nicole Cnubben, Chris Evelo, Ben van Ommen, Teake Kooistra.
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