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E-MTAB-9616 - Glucocorticoid and androgen receptor profiling (ChIP-seq) in U2OS-GR and U2OS-AR cells upon hormone treatment

Last updated on 8 March 2021, released on 9 March 2021
Homo sapiens
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We performed ChIP-seq targeting the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) in the U2OS-GR cell line and the androgen receptor (AR) in the U2OS-AR cell line. The cell lines are derived from U2OS ATTC:HTB-96 and stably transfected with an expression construct for either rat GR or human AR, respectively. The U2OS-GR cells were treated with dexamethasone (1 µM) for 90 minutes. The U2OS-AR cells were treated with R1881 (5 nM) for 4 hours.
Experiment types
ChIP-seq, cell type comparison design, compound treatment design
Androgen and glucocorticoid receptor direct distinct transcriptional programs by receptor-specific and shared DNA binding sites. Marina Borschiwer, Melissa Bothe, Goezde Kibar, Alisa Fuchs, Stefanie Schoene, Stefan Prekovic, Isabel Mayayo Peralta, Ho-Ryun Chung, Wilbert Zwart, Christine Helsen, Frank Claessens, Sebastiaan H. Meijsing.
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