E-MTAB-7968 - Microarray from roots of Arabidopsis Col-0 and knock-down UPL3, infected and non-infected with Heterodera schachtii

Last updated on 2 October 2019, released on 3 October 2019
Arabidopsis thaliana
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In this experiment we evaluate the transcriptional response to beet cyst nematode infection in wild-type (Col-0) and a upl3 knocked-down Arabidopsis thaliana. The data indicates that the upl3 knock-down alone does not induce a strong transcriptional regulation in the plant. However, the interaction of the mutation and infection by H. schachtii results in a strong transcriptional differential regulation, likely involving the plant’s immune responses. Samples were taken from whole root systems of 14 day-old seedlings (0 days post-infection) and mock or H. schahtii-infected 21 day-old seedlings (7 days post-infection). Each sample contained at least 18 plants and 4 biological replicates of each sample were collected.
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transcription profiling by array, genotype design, pathogenicity design, time series design
The effector GpRbp-1 of Globodera pallida targets a nuclear HECT E3 ubiquitin ligase to modulate gene expression in the host. Diaz-Granados A, Sterken MG, Overmars H, Ariaans R, Holterman M, Pokhare SS, Yuan Y, Pomp R, Finkers-Tomczak A, Roosien J, Slootweg E, Elashry A, Grundler FMW, Xiao F, Goverse A, Smant G. 21(1):66-82 (2020), PMID:31756029
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