E-MTAB-76 - Transcription profiling of mouse brain infected with prions in eight mouse-prion strain combinations in a systems approach to the study of prion disease

Released on 25 March 2009, last updated on 23 October 2015
Mus musculus
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Prions cause transmissible neurodegenerative diseases and replicate by conformational conversion of normal, benign forms of prion protein (PrPC) to disease-causing PrPSc isoforms. A systems approach to disease postulates that disease arises from the pathological perturbation (genetic and/or environmental) of one or more biological networks in the relevant organ. In this regard, we tracked global (all mRNA transcripts) gene expression in the brains of eight distinct mouse strain-prion strain combinations at 8 - 10 time points throughout the progression of the disease to capture the effects of prion strain, host genetics, and PrP concentration on disease incubation time. Data are also available from http://prion.systemsbiology.net
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, co-expression, in vivo, replicate, stimulus or stress, strain or line, time series
A systems approach to prion disease. Hwang D, Lee IY, Yoo H, Gehlenborg N, Cho JH, Petritis B, Baxter D, Pitstick R, Young R, Spicer D, Price ND, Hohmann JG, Dearmond SJ, Carlson GA, Hood LE. , Europe PMC 19308092