E-MTAB-6753 - RNA-seq of Plasmodium vivax derived from clinical isolates

Submitted on 9 September 2016, last updated on 18 June 2019, released on 30 June 2019
Homo sapiens
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This project contains RNA-sequencing reads of Plasmodium vivax derived directly from clinical patients. Here, we aim to characterize the gene expression patterns in patients with various parasite compositions. Patients (n=10) were recruited from two malaria endemic areas in Thailand. Ten RNA samples were treated with DNase, followed by Epicentre Globin-Zero Gold kit to deplete rRNA and globin transcript. The RNA-seq libraries were sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq4000 platform to generate approximately 60 million paired-end reads of 150 bp for each sample.
Experiment types
RNA-seq of coding RNA, disease state design
Clinical expression and antigenic profiles of a Plasmodium vivax vaccine candidate: merozoite surface protein 7 (PvMSP-7). Chew Weng Cheng; Somchai Jongwutiwes; Chaturong Putaporntip; Andrew P. Jackson. Malaria Journal 18(1):197 (2019)
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