E-MTAB-6654 - Transcriptomic profiling of three different neuroblastoma cell lines (CLB-BAR, CLB-GE and SK-N-AS) in response to ALK inhibition

Last updated on 25 June 2018, released on 1 September 2018
Homo sapiens
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Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) is a tyrosine kinase receptor which is a clinical target of major interest in cancer, including neuroblastoma. To better understand ALK signaling, three different neuroblastoma cell lines (CLB-BAR, CLB-GE and SK-N-AS) were cultured for 1hr and 24hrs in control conditions or after treatment with the ALK inhibitors crizotinib or lorlatinib. RNA-Seq experiments were performed to determine the expression changes resulting from ALK inhibition. Together with parallel phosphoproteomic experiments, these data unveil several important conserved oncogenic pathways in neuroblastoma.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Phosphoproteome and gene expression profiling of ALK inhibition in neuroblastoma cell lines reveals important conserved oncogenic pathways. Van den Eynden J, Umapathy G, Ashouri A, Cervantes-Madrid D, Szydzik S, Ruuth K, Larsson E, Palmer R and Hallberg B.
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