E-MTAB-5818 - RNA-seq of mouse adipose stem and progenitor cells

Submitted on 12 May 2017, last updated on 21 March 2018, released on 1 May 2018
Mus musculus
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Population control for the scRNA-seq based analysis a well-established fraction of mouse subcutaneous adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells that is generally considered to harbour adipogenic stem and progenitor cells (ASPCs). We collected Lin- (CD31- CD45- TER119-) CD29+ CD34+ SCA1+ cells from the mouse subcutaneous SVF of transgenic mice, in which red fluorescent protein (RFP) is induced in Dlk1-expressing cells upon feeding with tamoxifen. While CD29, CD34, and SCA1 are generally expected to enrich for stem cells, DLK1 has previously been suggested to specifically mark pre-adipocytes.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, cell type comparison design, species design, strain or line design
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