E-MTAB-3264 - Transcriptome of developing testes from the African malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Submitted on 22 October 2014, last updated on 27 January 2015, released on 21 January 2016
Anopheles gambiae
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Spermatogenesis is a highly complex developmental process, during which diploid germline stem cells are transformed into motile haploid spermatozoa. The process involves a precisely regulated action of a large number of genes, making the testes the most distinct tissue within the body. Testis transcriptome has been analysed in several groups of animals, but never systematically studied in mosquitoes. This dataset, consisting of the transcriptome of the developing testes from late larvae and early pupae of the African malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, closes the existing gap.
Experiment types
RNA-seq of coding RNA, development or differentiation design
Dosage compensation of the X chromosome in the African malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae. Graham Rose, Elzbieta Krzywinska, Jan Kim, Loic Revuelta, Jaroslaw Krzywinski.
Dosage Compensation in the African Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae. Rose G, Krzywinska E, Kim J, Revuelta L, Ferretti L, Krzywinski J. :411-425 (2016), PMID:26782933
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