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E-MTAB-2936 - Serum starvation effects on human Islet-derived Precursor Cells

Last updated on 15 September 2014, released on 22 September 2014
Homo sapiens
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This is an Affy experiment that was conducted on human derived pancreatic islet cells that were expanded in serum-containing medium to produce hIPC cells (human Islet-derived Precursor Cells). These cells, when subjected to 1 day of serum starvation, transition into hormone-expressing ICAs (Islet-like Cell Aggregates). In this experiment, proliferative hIPCs were trypsin-harvested and transferred in either serum-containing media (C) or serum-free media (F). After 24 hours, cells from both conditions were harvested and RNA was extracted. This experiment was meant to identify gene expression changes between hIPC early differentiation (condition F) and hIPC proliferation (condition C) with cells being in culture for the same amount of time. There were 3 replicates each for each of the two conditions, of which the 3rd was a pool of the first 2 replicates.
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transcription profiling by array, growth condition design
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