E-MTAB-2776 - Cytotoxicity Study of Rat INS1 cell lines

Released on 22 July 2014, last updated on 30 July 2014
Rattus norvegicus
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Cytokines IL-1 and IFN-gamma have been shown to be the primary effectors of beta-cell destruction during the immune response. The aim of this study was to identify the gene expression changes that are associated with resistance of beta cells to cytokines. INS-1 rat insulinoma cells were grown in increasing doses of cytokines until a resistance phenotype had developed. RNA was prepared from these cytokine resistant sublines as well as the original, cytokine-sensitive parental INS-1 cells in Dr. Chris Newgard's lab, quantified and sent frozen in water. 3-7 biological replicates per condition were sent for the following three conditions: (i) 834/40, Cytokine-sensitive (CS), (ii) 833/15 and 833/117, Cytokine resistant grown in the absence of cytokines (CRu), (iii) 833/15C and 833/117C: Cytokine Resistant Grown in the Presence of Cytokines (CRt). Additional files available.
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transcription profiling by array, cell type comparison design, compound treatment design, dye swap design