8 protocols
normalization data transformation protocol
Data extraction and Qspline normalization was performed by Nimblegen DEVA software v1.2
array scanning protocol
Microarray slides were scanned by Nimblegen MS200 scanner
nucleic acid hybridization to array protocol
Gender matched hybridizations were performed on Nimblegen 135K CGX arrays following Manufacturer's instructions
nucleic acid labeling protocol
Samples were labeled with Cy3 and reference DNA samples (Promega male and female reference DNA) were labeled with Cy5 by Nimblegen Dual-Color DNA Labeling kit following manufacturer's instructions
nucleic acid extraction protocol
DNA was extracted from samples by Qiagen Gentra Puregene Tissue Kit following manufacturer's instructions. Promega Male and Female Human Genomic DNA was used as reference DNA.
growth protocol
Amniotic fluid was collected by amniocentesis and transferred into sterile 15 ml Falcon tube; Chorionic villi and fetal blood was collected from patient by the insersion of spinal needle through patient abdomen. The collected chorionic villi is transferred to Falcon tube containing RPMI mediim. The fetal blood was transferred to 1 ml EDTA tube. Small portion of placental tissue was collected from the placenta by cutting, rinsed with sterile saline and transferred to falcon tube containing RPMI medium
growth protocol
Amniocytes were collected by centrifugation and cultured in Chang medium or AmnioMax Medium at 37 cultured incubator. Maternal tissue was removed from the chorionic villi and placental tissue by dissection and they were cultured in Chang or AmnioMax Medium as same as Amniocytes