5 protocols
array scanning protocol
The array was read using an Agilent G2505C DNA microarray scanner and the TIFF images extracted with the Agilent Feature Extraction software (version using the 20bit coding ability.
nucleic acid hybridization to array protocol
Labelled cDNAs from the wild type and hpr1 K-R mutant were competitively hybridized on 8x60k yeast Agilent slides using the standard Agilent hybrization protocol.
nucleic acid labeling protocol
For microarray analysis, 1 ug of total RNA was reverse transcribed and labeled with Cy5 or Cy3 using the yeast amino-allyl protocol described at http://www.transcriptome.ens.fr/sgdb/protocols/.
growth protocol
Cells were grown at 25C and shifted 2h at 30C. Cells were then collected by centrifugation. The OD of all cell cultures was around 1.
nucleic acid extraction protocol
Total RNAs were extracted from yeast cultures using Nucleospin RNA II (Macherey Nagel) following the supplier recommendations.