6 protocols
array scanning protocol
The signal of Illumina Human HT-12 v3 was scanned using Illumina BeadArray Reader
nucleic acid hybridization to array protocol
Hybridization was performed using standard protocol as the manufacturer's recommendation.
nucleic acid labeling protocol
otal RNA was converted to cDNA, followed by an in vitro transcription step to generate labeled cRNA using the Ambion Illumina Total Prep RNA Amplification Kit (Ambion, Austin, TX) as per manufacturer's instructions.
nucleic acid extraction protocol
RNA was extracted by a standard method using TRIzol reagent as recommended by the manufacturer.
treatment protocol
All patients included the study underwent complete resection of liver tumor by surgery.
growth protocol
The samples were collected from the banked resected specimens of hepatic metastatic colorectal cancers. The tissue was macrodissected from the tissue block for RNA retrieval.