6 protocols
high throughput sequence alignment protocol
LifeScope Software v2.5 was used for alignment of sequence reads
normalization data transformation protocol
Custom scripts were used to quantify the fraction of intronic reads in each of the RNA-seq datasets
nucleic acid sequencing protocol
The samples were barcoded and sequenced on the SOLiD5500W System, 75bp read lengths
growth protocol
Tissue and total RNA samples from two fetal frontal cortex tissues, 38 weeks female (Sample 1) and 23/24 weeks male (Sample 2) were purchased from Capital Biosciences. The commercial adult frontal lobe polyA+ RNA sample with two rounds of polyA+ selection was acquired from Clontech (Catalogue number: 636165).
nucleic acid extraction protocol
Cytoplasmic RNA, nuclear RNA, total RNA and PolyA+ RNA was extracted from each of the samples. A novel protocol for cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA extraction was developed, based on the Norgen purification kit.
nucleic acid library construction protocol
The SOLiD RNA-seq protocol was used to prepare RNA libraries