E-MTAB-1894 - ChIP-chip by array was performed to examine the genome-wide association of Bye1 with chromatin in vivo

Last updated on 20 September 2013, released on 23 September 2013
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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Bypass of Ess1 (Bye1) is a nuclear protein with a domain resembling the central domain in the transcription elongation factor TFIIS. Bye1 binds with its TFIIS-like domain (TLD) to RNA polymerase (Pol) II. Using a Bye1-TAP strain ChIP-chip was performed to examine the genome-wide association of Bye1 with chromatin in vivo. Bye1 is recruited to chromatin via its TLD and occupies the 5'-region of active genes. A plant homeo domain (PHD) in Bye1 binds histone H3 tails with trimethylated lysine 4, and this interaction is enhanced by the presence of neighboring posttranslational modifications (PTMs) that mark active transcription and conversely is impaired by repressive PTMs. We identify putative human homologs of Bye1, the proteins PHD finger protein 3 and death-inducer obliterator, which are both implicated in cancer. These results establish Bye1 as the founding member of a unique family of chromatin transcription factors that link histones with active PTMs to transcribing Pol II.
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ChIP-chip by array, binding site identification design, cellular process design, in vivo design
Structures of RNA polymerase II complexes with Bye1, a chromatin-binding PHF3/DIDO homologue. Kinkelin K, Wozniak GG, Rothbart SB, Lidschreiber M, Strahl BD, Cramer P.
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