E-MTAB-1753 - Comparative genomic hybridization by array of early passage melanoma cell lines (LM-MEL-series) and single-cell sub-clone of these cell lines to study clonal heterogeneity in melanoma

Released on 8 September 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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Genetic heterogeneity is an important feature of solid tumors, however it is often assumed that most cancer cell lines are genetically homogeneous. A disparity in genetic complexity between cell lines and the disease they model could result in problems such as in vitro preclinical experiments overstating the effectiveness of putative therapeutics. We therefore derived clonal sublines by single cell cloning of in house derived early passage melanoma cell lines (LM-MEL-series), and compared their genomes to each other and the parental cell line using Illumina 610-Quad SNP arrays.
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transcription profiling by array, comparative genomic hybridization by array, cell type comparison, co-expression, comparative genome hybridization, ex vivo, in vitro
Intratumoral genetic heterogeneity in metastatic melanoma is accompanied by variation in malignant behaviors. Anaka M, Hudson C, Lo PH, Do H, Caballero OL, Davis ID, Dobrovic A, Cebon J, Behren A. :40 (2013), Europe PMC 24119551
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