4 protocols
nucleic acid sequencing protocol
DNA samples were sequenced on an Illumina GaIIx according to the manufacturer's instructions in one or two lanes.
nucleic acid extraction protocol
ChIP-Seq experiments were performed using the OneDay ChIP kit (Diagenode) in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions.
growth protocol
For stable expression of either 3xFLAG-L3MBTL2 or 3xFLAG-L3MBTL2K675/700R 1.4x10^6 HEK293 ncells having a stably integrated GAL4-responsive luciferase reporter (Stielow et al., 2008a) were transfected with 1 ug of linearized pN3-3xFLAG-L3MBTL2 or pN3-3xFLAG-L3MBTL2K675/700R, respectively. Forty-eight hours upon transfection cells were selected with 1 ug/ml puromycin and 1 ug/µl G-418. Single clones were isolated, expanded and L3MBTL2 expression was analyzed by western blotting.
nucleic acid library construction protocol
Library construction was done with the Illumina TRUSeq kit according maufacturer's instructions.