E-MTAB-1571 - RNA-seq of coding RNA of lung tissues isolated from mice exposed to aerosolized Francisella tularensis (subspecies tularensis SchuS4) to study the inflammatory response over a 48-hour time course

Last updated on 28 March 2013, released on 29 March 2013
Mus musculus
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Eight week old female C57 Black mice were fasted for 24 hours prior to a single intraperitoneal injection of 350mg/kg of acetaminophen in phosphate buffer saline (PBS) (treatment group) or PBS (control group). The mice were euthanized at different time points post exposure (4, 24, or 48 hours after exposure to Francisella tularensis subspecies tularensis SchuS4).
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, all pairs, co-expression, growth condition
A Francisella tularensis Induces a Unique Pulmonary Inflammatory Response: Role of Bacterial Gene Expression in Temporal Regulation of Host Defense Responses. Kathie-Anne Walters, Rachael Olsufka, Rolf E. Kuestner, Ji Hoon Cho, Hong Li, Gregory A. Zornetzer, Kai Wang, Shawn J. Skerrett, Adrian Ozinksy.
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