6 protocols
high throughput sequence alignment protocol
read-to-genome mapping was conducted using the gsMapper software from Roche
nucleic acid sequencing protocol
454 pyrosequencing was conducted as per Margulies et al. (2005) Genome sequencing in microfabricated high-density picolitre reactors. Nature. Se15;437(7057):376-80
nucleic acid extraction protocol
total RNA was extracted using TRIzol and cleaned-up by Rneasy column / mRNA was isolated using the Oligotex mRNA kit
growth protocol
Plants were grow until maturity under controlled conditions in greenhouse / 5 Plants of each variety were crosspollinated / 1200 of 20DAP embryos were used per variety
nucleic acid library construction protocol
3'UTR-anchored cDNA libraries were preparated according to Eveland AL, McCarty DR, Koch KE. (2008) Transcript profiling by 3'-untranslated region sequencing resolves expression of gene families. Plant Physiol. Jan;146(1):32-44.
treatment protocol
No differential treatment were done between transgenic and near-isogenic plants