6 protocols
Sequencing was performed using an Illumina Genome Analyzer II platform. Single reads of 51bp were generated.
Anti GATA-1 ChIPed DNA from Ter119-, Ter119+ and a 'no antibody' (input DNA) were processed for deep sequencing using the Illumina Genome Analyzer II platform according to Illumina protocols (www.illumina.com). Deep sequencing was carried out in duplicate for each ChIP sample and once for Input DNA controls producing 51-nuleotide sequence reads.
nucleic acid library construction protocol
ChIPed and INPUT DNA libraries were constructed according to Illumina protocols (http://www.illumina.com).
Formaldehyde-crosslinked chromatin from 10^7 Ter119- or Ter119+ fetal liver cells was prepared as previously described (Schuh et al, 2005)
Fetal liver cells from day E12.5 C57/BL6 mouse embryos expanded for 3 days in serum free medium (von Lindern et al, 2001)
Fractionation of Ter119- and Ter119+ cells with Miltenyi beads (Schuh et al, 2005)