E-MTAB-1405 - RNA-seq of coding RNA of ten porcine tissues including four brain tissues from two boars to gain an understanding of the variations in transcriptional profiles of these tissues

Last updated on 19 July 2013, released on 22 July 2013
Sus scrofa
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In this study we have employed RNA seq on ten different tissues including four brain tissues from two boars to gain a understanding of the differential variations in transcriptional profiles for these tissues consisting of occipital cortex, frontal cortex, hypothalamus and cerebellum along with such diverse tissues as heart, spleen, liver, kidney, lung and musculus longissimus dorsi. This has enabled us to perform comparative gene expression analysis of brain regions versus non-brain tissues along with inter-brain tissue comparisons. Hence, we have tested for differentially expressed genes and isoforms, differential splicing, transcription start sites (TSS), and differential promoter usage between all ten porcine tissues.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, co-expression, organism part comparison
Transcriptome Profiling of Ten Porcine Tissues at the Gene, Isoform and TSS level. Leila Farajzadeh, Henrik Hornshoj, Jamal Momeni, Bo Thomsen, Knud Larsen, Jakob Hedegaard, Christian Bendixen & Lone Bruhn Madsen.
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