5 protocols
Standard Illumina scanning protocols using Bead Array Reader were used http://support.illumina.com/array/array_instruments/beadarray_reader.ilmn . Please note that PROBE_ID ILMN_2038777 appears twice in each of the raw data files in this experiment, for yet unknown reasons.
Standard Illumina protocol using Whole Genome Gene Expression Direct Hybridization http://www.illumina.com/applications/detail/gene_expression_analysis/whole_genome_gene_expression.ilmn
Labelling was performed according to the standard protocol used by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas as described in detail here: http://microarray.swmed.edu/protocols/protocol/illumina-gene-expression-probe-labeling/
Samples were treated with Dnase I and extraction was pefromed using the QIAGEN Rneasy kit as described by the manufacturer. http://www.qiagen.com Quality control was performed with an Aglient Bioanalyser. http://www.home.agilent.com
Subjects were recruited by self-identifying to the investigators when they presented to a body modification studio for aesthetic branding. Punch biopsies were taken from normal skin, burn and scars. The biopsies were placed immediately in to RNAlater and stored at 4C prior to RNA isolation.