E-MTAB-1315 - Transcription profiling by array of two Zea mays inbred lines to investigate the effect of severe cold on transcriptome changes

Released on 15 March 2014, last updated on 13 February 2016
Zea mays
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We investigated effect of severe cold on transcriptome changes in two inbred maize lines, chilling-sensitive ETH-DL3 and chilling-tolerant ETH-DH7. Kernels were germinated in wet sand in darkness at 25C. Seedlings were transferred to growth chamber (day/night temperature 24/22C, photoperiod 14/10 h, light 250 umol quanta x m-2 x s-1) and grow in pots containing Knop's nutrient solution supplemented with Hoagland's micro-nutrients. After full development of the 3rd leaf (fully developed ligular region) plants were used in experiment. The experiment was begun at the start of the dark period. Half of the plants were transferred to cold chamber (day/night temperature 8/6C, photoperiod 14/10 h, light 250 umol quanta x m-2 x s-1) other half served as control (day/night temperature 24/22C, other parameters was the same as for cold treatment). After dark period (10h) and 200 minutes of light period samples were taken. Each sample consisted of the middle part of the 3rd leaf blade, pooled from three plants and frozen in liquid nitrogen. The experiment was replicated four times with two replications dye swapped.
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transcription profiling by array, all pairs, co-expression, dye swap, in vivo, stimulus or stress, strain or line
Rhythmic Diel Pattern of Gene Expression in Juvenile Maize Leaf. Maciej Jończyk, Alicja Sobkowiak, Paweł Siedlecki, Przemysław Biecek, Joanna Trzcinska-Danielewicz, Jerzy Tiuryn, Jan Fronk, Paweł Sowiński. PLoS ONE 6:e23628 (2011)
Genome-wide transcriptomic analysis of response to low temperature reveals candidate genes determining divergent cold-sensitivity of maize inbred lines. A.Sobkowiak, M.Jończyk, E.Jarochowska, P.Biecek, J.Trzcinska-Danielewicz, J.Leipner, J.Fronk, P.Sowiński. Plant Mol Biol 85(3):317-331 (2014), Europe PMC 24623520
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