E-MTAB-1114 - MicroRNA profiling by array of mouse skeletal muscle cells treated with TNF-alpha or IGF-I

Released on 15 May 2013, last updated on 3 May 2014
Mus musculus
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Murine skeletal muscle cells pmi28 were cultured in growth medium (Ham’s F10, supplemented with 20 % FCS, 2 mM L-glutamine, and 1 % Penicillin / Streptomycin). Myoblasts were cultured on laminin-1 coated dishes for an additional 24 h before switching a fraction of dishes to differentiation medium (DMEM medium containing 2 % horse serum, 2 mM L glutamine, and 1 % Penicillin / Streptomycin) and to differentiation medium containing either 2 x 103 U/ml mouse recombinant TNF-? (Roche Applied Science), or 5 µg/ml mouse recombinant IGF-I (Sigma-Aldrich), or carrier only. pmi28 cells (TNF-? and IGF-I treatments as well as controls) were harvested 24 h after the induction of differentiation. The experiments were performed in quadruplicates or triplicates, respectively.
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microRNA profiling by array, co-expression, development or differentiation, in vitro
TNF-α and IGF1 modify the microRNA signature in skeletal muscle cell differentiation. Meyer SU, Thirion C, Polesskaya A, Bauersachs S, Kaiser S, Krause S, Pfaffl MW. :4 (2015), Europe PMC 25630602
Integrative Analysis of MicroRNA and mRNA Data Reveals an Orchestrated Function of MicroRNAs in Skeletal Myocyte Differentiation in Response to TNF-α or IGF1. Meyer SU, Sass S, Mueller NS, Krebs S, Bauersachs S, Kaiser S, Blum H, Thirion C, Krause S, Theis FJ, Pfaffl MW. :e0135284 (2015), Europe PMC 26270642
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