E-MTAB-1084 - ChIP-seq profiling of RNA Polymerase II in Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells depleted of the non-specific lethal (NSL) complex

Released on 19 June 2012, last updated on 3 May 2014
Drosophila melanogaster
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We show that the non-specific lethal (NSL) complex in Drosophila binds to housekeeping genes. Individual ChIP-qPCR experiments of NSL target genes indicated a role of the NSL complex in RNA Polymerase II (Pol II) recruitment to promoters. Consequently, we obtained ChIP-Seq profiles of the Pol-II-subunit Rbp3 in S2 cells that were depleted of either NSL1 or NSL3. Rbp3-ChIP from S2 cells treated with siRNA targeted against GFP were used as a control. This experiment is related to experiment E-MTAB-214 and E-MTAB-1085.
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ChIP-seq, binding site identification, cellular process, high throughput sequencing, in vitro, is expressed
The NSL Complex Regulates Housekeeping Genes in Drosophila. Kin Chung Lam, Friederike Mühlpfordt, Juan M. Vaquerizas,Sunil Jayaramaiah Raja, Herbert Holz, Nicholas M. Luscombe, Thomas Manke, Asifa Akhtar. PLoS Genet  (2012)
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