E-MEXP-853 - Comparative genomic hybridization of Burkholderia mallei strain ATCC 23344 before and after passage in human host cells

Submitted on 6 September 2006, released on 22 September 2006, last updated on 2 May 2014
Burkholderia mallei
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A whole genome PCR amplicon DNA microarray for B. mallei were fabricated as previously described [7]. Total RNA was isolated from in vitro cultures in LBG medium of B. mallei ATCC 23344, FMH, and JHU. The OD600 of the samples at harvest were all 0.55. The RNAs from FMH and JHU were labeled and hybridized to the array using the ATCC 23344 RNA as the reference using protocols as described. Flip-dye replicates were performed for all analyses. Two B. mallei ATCC 23344 samples grown to an O.D.600 of 1.0 on separate days and total RNA was extracted. These RNA samples were hybridized against each other as a control for the JHU vs. ATCC 23344 hybridization and the FMH vs. ATCC 23344 hybridization.
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comparative genomic hybridization by array, individual genetic characteristics
John Varga <jvarga@tigr.org>, Catherine M Ronning, Claudia M Romero, David DeShazer, Donald Woods, H. Stanley Kim, Jacques Ravel, Tamara Feldblyum, William C Nierman, Yan Yu
Genome sequence alterations detected upon passage of Burkholderia mallei ATCC 23344 in culture and in mammalian hosts. Claudia Romero; David DeShazer; Tamara Feldblyum; Jacques Ravel; Donald Woods; H. Stanley Kim; Yan Yu; Catherine Ronning; William Nierman. BMC Genomics 
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