E-MEXP-817 - RNAi knock down of VCP in human HeLa cells

Submitted on 3 August 2006, released on 23 August 2006, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Study of the effects of the VCP knockdown. VCP (p97, yeast cdc48) is a hexameric AAA ATPase involved in various cellular functions including degradation of proteins by the ubiquitin-proteasome system. We examine the consequences of the reduction of VCP levels after RNAi of VCP in HeLa cells. We find ~30 transcripts upregulated in a sequence independent manner. Those transcripts encode proteins involved in endoplasmic reticulum stress, apoptosis, and amino acid starvation.
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RNAi profiling by array, cellular modification, dye swap, reference, replicate
Maga Rowicka <maga@work.swmed.edu>, Andrzej Kudlicki, Cezary Wojcik, Dominika Nowis, George Adams, George N DeMartino, Marek Kujawa
Valosin-containing Protein (p97) Is a Regulator of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and of the Degradation of N-End Rule and Ubiquitin-Fusion Degradation Pathway Substrates in Mammalian Cells. Wojcik, Cezary; Rowicka, Maga; Kudlicki, Andrzej; Nowis, Dominika; McConnell, Elizabeth; Kujawa, Marek; DeMartino, George N. Mol Biol Cell 17(11):4606 (2006), PMID:16914519
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