E-MEXP-8 - RNAi knock down of daf-2, daf-3, daf-16 in C. elegans over 0-48 hours

Released on 17 July 2003, last updated on 2 May 2014
Caenorhabditis elegans
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Comparison of sterile worms grown on Control Vector, daf-2 RNAi, and daf-2 + daf-16 RNAi. Synchronized fer-15(b26); fem-1(hc17) animals were grown on RNAi bacteria at 25ºC, induced with IPTG on Day 1 of adulthood, and collected from 0-48 hours (10 time points) and 0-196 hours (10 time points); RNAi bacteria was supplemented as necessary for later time points. Worms were floated off lawns with M9 buffer, centrifuged, and washed again in M9. The pelleted worms were dissolved in Trizol (Gibco) and frozen in liquid nitrogen.Time courses were compared with mixed references (collected from 1/2 of each of the time course samples)
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RNAi profiling by array, time series
Coleen T Murphy <ctmurph@itsa.ucsf.edu>, Andrew Fraser, Cornelia i Bargmann, Cynthia j Kenyon, Hao Li, Julie Ahringer, Ravi s Kamath, Steven a McCarroll
Genes that act downstream of DAF-16 to influence the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans. Coleen Murphy; Steven McCarroll; Cornelia Bargmann; Andrew Fraser; Ravi Kamath; Julie Ahringer; Hao Li; Cynthia Kenyon. Nature 424:277-283 (2003), Europe PMC 12845331
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