E-MEXP-764 - Transcription profiling of maize inbred lines and inter-pool hybrids to investigate heterosis for plant height and consistency of gene expression

Submitted on 28 June 2006, released on 17 August 2006, last updated on 8 January 2015
Zea mays
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Loop-design (triangle design with the comparison of each triplet: hybrid + parent 1 and parent 2) and pairwise design (hybrid + parent 1, hybrid + parent 2) were used in the experiment.
Four inbred lines and their four inter-pool hybrids were hybridized respectively in two-colour chips experiments.
The objective of our study was to:(i) identify differentially expressed genes in relation to heterosis for plant height, (ii) relate gene expression patterns to the dominance and overdominance hypothesis, (iii) determine the consistency of expression patterns between inbred parent - hybrid triplets also in view of differing degrees of relatedness of triplets, and to (iv) validate consistently differentially expressed genes between hybrids and their parental inbreds by real-time (qRT) PCR.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, all pairs, dye swap, loop, strain or line
Chun Shi <shichun@wzw.tum.de>, Anna Uzarowska, Barbara Keller, Christina Ingvardsen, Gerhard Schwarz, Gerhard Wenzel, Hans Peter Piepho, Thomas Lübberstedt
Distinct Cytokine-Driven Responses of Activated Blood gammadelta T Cells: Insights into Unconventional T Cell Pleiotropy. David Vermijlen, Peter Ellis, Cordelia Langford, Anne Klein, Rosel Engel, Katharina Willimann, Hassan Jomaa, Adrian C. Hayday, and Matthias Eberl. Journal of Immunology  (2006)
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