E-MEXP-718 - Transcription profiling of mouse glioma cell line grown in two types of media to investigate cell de-differentiation

Released on 31 December 2006, last updated on 2 May 2014
Mus musculus
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Comparison of gene expression profiles of the GL261 cell line (a murine glioma model) grown in duplicate in two different types of media. AC samples where grown in DMEM supplemented by 20% FBS, 5 U/ml pen/strep and 4 mM L-glutamine. NS samples were grown in DMEM/F12 (50/50) supplemented with 2 U/ml pen/strep, 1 ug/ml fungizone, 1x B27, 20 ng/ml bFGF, 20 ng/ml EGF, 20 ng/ml LIF and 5 ug/ml heparin. We have reason to believe the NS media enhances cell de-differentiation.
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transcription profiling by array, cell type comparison, growth condition
Neurospheres Enriched in Cancer Stem-Like Cells Are Highly Effective in Eliciting a Dendritic Cell-Mediated Immune Response against Malignant Gliomas. Pellegatta, Serena; Poliani, Pietro Luigi; Corno, Daniela; Menghi, Francesca; Ghielmetti, Francesco; Suarez-Merino, Blanca; Caldera, Valentina; Nava, Sara; Ravanini, Maria; Facchetti, Fabio; Bruzzone, Maria Grazia; Finocchiaro, Gaetano. Cancer Res 66(21):10247 (2006), Europe PMC 17079441
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