E-MEXP-668 - Transcription profiling of human HeLa cells treated with various functional siRNAs to investigate RNAi off-targets

Released on 1 March 2006, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Human HeLa cells were treated with various functional siRNAs of different sequence targeting several genes (100 nM or 50 nM for 24 hours). There are two transfection groups - in the first, containing biological duplicates (A and B), the mock-transfected control samples are pooled as a Cy3 reference. The second group is a from a single transfection with each siRNA delivered at two concentrations (50 and 100 nM). A mock-to-untransfected and/or a mock-to-mock self array are control arrays for each group. These sample groups are designated as biological or functional (dose of 100 or 50 nM) duplicates, respectively, in the publication.
Experiment types
 compound treatment, self vs self, transcription profiling by array
Emily M Anderson <anderson.e@dharmacon.com>, Amanda Birmingham, Anastasia Khvorova, Angela Reynolds, Devin Leake, Diane Ilsley-Tyree, Elena Maksimova, Jon Karpilow, Kathryn Robinson, Scott Baskerville, William S Marshall, Yuriy Fedorov
3' UTR seed matches, but not overall identity, are associated with RNAi off-targets. Amanda Birmingham; Emily Anderson; Angela Reynolds; Diane Ilsley-Tyree; Devin Leake; Yuriy Fedorov; Scott Baskerville; Elena Maksimova; Kathryn Robinson; Jon Karpilow; William Marshall; Anastasia Khvorova.
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