E-MEXP-65 - Transcription profiling of indole-3-acetic acid at physiological concentrations (IAA) treatment of Arabidopsis seedlings

Released on 31 May 2004, last updated on 2 May 2014
Arabidopsis thaliana
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To demonstrate the analysis of differential expression using CATMA v1 arrays, Arabidopsis seedlings were treated with indole-3-acetic acid at physiological concentrations. The seedlings were germinated in liquid medium, and treated with indole-3-acetic acid for 30, 120 or 240 minutes. Changes in expression patterns were monitored using a complete loop design including an untreated sample (0 minutes). Reciprocal labelling was used rendering a total of eight hybridisations. An additional self-to-self hybridisation for time-point 0 was included. The statistical analysis was based an ANOVA model and indicated that 1123 GSTs were differentially expressed (p < 2.37 x 10-6) in at least one of the three time points following treatment.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, compound treatment, dye swap, loop, time series
Valtteri Wirta <valtteri@biotech.kth.se>, Alexandra Avon, Alexandra Tabrett, Andéol Falcon de Longuevialle, Antonio Leyva, Bernard Cannoot, Carine Serizet, Caroline Darimont, Claire Lurin, Cécile Cognet-Holliger, Céline Léon, Edward E Farmer, Floyd R Wittink, Frédérique Bitton, Goran Sandberg, Hans Lehrach, Holger Eickhoff, Ian Small, Javier Paz-Ares, Jim Beynon, Joakim Lundeberg, Joke Allemeersch, Ludivine Taconnat, Magdalena Weingartner, Marc Zabeau, Maria Dolores Segura, Mark Crowe, Marnik Vuylsteke, Martin T Kuiper, Michel Caboche, Murray Grant, Paul van Hummelen, Peter J Weisbeek, Philippe Reymond, Pierre Hilson, Pierre Rouzé, Rishikesh P Bhalerao, Steffen Durinck, Steven Vercruysse, Sébastien Aubourg, Thomas Altmann, Uves Moreau, Vasil Chardakov, Vincent Colot, Vincent Thareau, Wilfried Nietfeld
Versatile Gene-Specific Sequence Tags for Arabidopsis Functional Genomics: Transcript Profiling and Reverse Genetics Applications. Pierre Hilson; Joke Allemeersch; Thomas Altmann; Sébastien Aubourg; Alexandra Avon; Jim Beynon; Rishikesh Bhalerao; Frédérique Bitton; Michel Caboche; Bernard Cannoot; Vasil Chardakov; Cécile Cognet-Holliger; Vincent Colot; Mark Crowe; Caroline Darimont; Steffen Durinck; Holger Eickhoff; Andéol Falcon de Longuevialle; Edward Farmer; Murray Grant; Martin Kuiper; Hans Lehrach; Céline Léon; Antonio Leyva; Joakim Lundeberg; Claire Lurin; Uves Moreau; Wilfried Nietfeld; Javier Paz-Ares; Philippe Reymond; Pierre Rouzé; Goran Sandberg; Maria Dolores Segura; Carine Serizet; Alexandra Tabrett; Ludivine Taconnat; Vincent Thareau; Paul van Hummelen; Steven Vercruysse; Marnik Vuylsteke; Magdalena Weingartner; Peter Weisbeek; Valtteri Wirta; Floyd Wittink; Marc Zabeau; Ian Small.
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