E-MEXP-543 - Transcription profiling of liver, kidney and brain from male and female Zebra Finches

Released on 15 February 2007, last updated on 2 May 2014
Taeniopygia guttata
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Each array hybridization involved one male sample hybridized in competition to one female sample. For each hybridization one sample was labeled with Cy5 and the other with Cy3. Half of the male samples were labeled with Cy5 and rest with Cy3. Each hybridization was tissue-specific (i.e., hybridize male brain vs. female brain, male liver vs. female liver, etc.). A total of 10 male-female hybridizations were performed using adult brain, 7 for liver, 9 for kidney and 8 for postnatal day1 brain. One hybridization each from adult brain and liver were discarded because the hybridization intensities were far out of range.
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transcription profiling by array, sex
Yuichiro Itoh <yitoh@ucla.edu>, Aldons J. Lusis, Arthur P Arnold, Atila Van Nas, David F. Clayton, Eric E. Schadt, Esther Melamed, Kathy Kampf, Kirstin Replogle, Mark R. Band, Nadir Yehya, Susanna Wang, Thomas A. Drake, Xia Yang
Dosage compensation is less effective in birds than in mammals. Yuichiro Itoh, Esther Melamed, Xia Yang, Kathy Kampf, Susanna Wang, Nadir Yehya, Atila Van Nas, Kirstin Replogle, Mark R Band, David F Clayton, Eric E Schadt, Aldons J Lusis, Arthur P Arnold.
Sex Ratios of Gene Expression Suggest Bird-Mammal Difference in Dosage Compensation. Yuichiro Itoh; Esther Melamed; Xia Yang; Kathy Kampf; Susanna Wang; Nadir Yehya; Atila Van Nas; Thomas A. Drake; Kirstin Replogle; Mark R. Band; David F. Clayton; Eric E. Schadt; Aldons J. Lusis; Arthur Arnold. PLoS Biol  (2006)
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