E-MEXP-2509 - Transcription profiling by array of poplar grown in different light and temperature cycles

Released on 9 January 2010, last updated on 2 May 2014
Populus trichocarpa
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Poplar (Populus trichocarpa, clone Nisqually-1) plants were grown in a Conviron PGR 15 growth chamber using precise control of temperature, light, and humidity. Diurnal (driven) conditions included 12L:12D light cycles and 25C/12C thermocycles in three different combinations. These were: photocycles (LDHH), 12 hrs. light (L)/12 hrs. dark (D) at a constant temperature (25C; HH); photo/thermocycles (LDHC): 12 hrs. light (L) /12 hrs. dark (D) with a high day temperature (25C) and a low night temperature (12C); and thermocycles (LLHC): continuous light (LL) with 12 hrs. high/12 hrs. low temperature (25C, day; 12C, night). Light intensity and relative humidity were 700 micromol m-2s-2 and 50%, respectively. Three-month-old poplar plants were entrained for at least one week under the respective condition prior to initiation of each experiment. Leaves and stems from individual poplar plants were collected every four hours for 48 hrs in driven (diurnal) conditions followed by a two day freerun spacer under continuous light/temperature followed by two additional days of sampling under the same continuous free run condition.
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, growth condition
Global profiling of rice and poplar transcriptomes highlights key conserved circadian-controlled pathways and cis-regulatory modules. Filichkin SA, Breton G, Priest HD, Dharmawardhana P, Jaiswal P, Fox SE, Michael TP, Chory J, Kay SA, Mockler TC. PLoS One 6(6):e16907 (2011), PMID:21694767
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