E-MEXP-1887 - Transcription profiling of Brucella abortus using an ORFeome-based Brucella whole-genome DNA microarray

Submitted on 13 November 2008, released on 27 November 2008, last updated on 3 June 2014
Brucella abortus
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A direct analysis of the global transcriptional profile of B. abortus cells grown in laboratory conditions was made. Thus, three independent biological replicas were made, and following the RNA isolation, samples were reverse transcribed in aRNA and labelled with Cy3 fluorescent dye. The use of a single dye labelling approach allowed us an estimation of the genes more abundantly expressed in Brucella under laboratory conditions. The evaluation experiment was composed of three slides yielding six measurements per gene (representing three biological replicates, since each gene is present twice on each slide) to confirm the reproducibility of the gene expression data.
The complete dataset was sorted by the normalized and corrected fluorescence intensity values.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, co-expression, in vitro, replicate, transcript identification
Evaluation of the effects of erythritol on gene expression in Brucella abortus. Rodríguez MC, Viadas C, Seoane A, Sangari FJ, López-Goñi I, García-Lobo JM. :e50876 (2012), PMID:23272076
Construction and evaluation of an ORFeome-based Brucella whole-genome DNA microarray.
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