E-MEXP-102 - Transcription profiling of Ts65Dn vs control mice in nine different mouse tissues

Submitted on 20 April 2004, released on 23 April 2004, last updated on 2 May 2014
Mus musculus
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To understand the molecular basis of Down syndrome pathogenesis, we performed a transcriptome analysis of nine different tissues in Ts65Dn, an established mouse model of human trisomy 21. Ts65Dn mice have segmental trisomy of mouse chromosome 16 with ca. 128 genes at dosage imbalance (Reeves et al. 1995). The Ts65Dn mouse is widely used as a model for studies of DS because it is at dosage imbalance for the orthologs of about half the 284 Chr21 genes. Ts65Dn mice have several features that directly parallel developmental anomalies of DS. We compare here the expression of 136 mouse orthologs of Chr21 genes, 77 of which are triplicated in Ts65Dn, in trisomic and euploid mice.

We designed a mouse cDNA expression array interrogating 136 mmu21 genes. RNA pools from four adult male Ts65Dn mice and four male euploid littermates were prepared from cortex and dissected from three to four month-old mice. Directly labeled first strand cDNA probes from nine different tissues were hybridized to the arrays in replicated hybridizations. A total of 446 genes that are not triplicated in Ts65Dn mice served as controls. These included 62 mmu21 genes from MMU10, MMU17, and non-triplicated portions of MMU16, plus 384 randomly distributed mouse cDNAs from the Unigene collection.
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, individual genetic characteristics, strain or line
Ralf Herwig <herwig@molgen.mpg.de>, Barbara Eppens, Daniela Balzereit, Gail Stetten, Hans Lehrach, Marc Sultan, Marie-Laure Yaspo, Mathew T Pletcher, Matthias Steinfath, Nihdi G Saran, Pascal Kahlem, Roger H Reeves, Sarah T South
Transcript Level Alterations Reflect Gene Dosage Effects Across Several Tissues in a Mouse Model of Down Syndrome. Pascal Kahlem; Marc Sultan; Ralf Herwig; Matthias Steinfath; Daniela Balzereit; Barbara Eppens; Nihdi Saran; Mathew Pletcher; Sarah South; Gail Stetten; Hans Lehrach; Roger Reeves; Marie-Laure Yaspo. Genome Res  (2004)
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