E-LGCL-4 - Transcription profiling of human brain total RNA vs Universal Human Reference RNA on 4 different commercially available microarrays

Released on 1 April 2004, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Commercially available human genomic microarrays from four different manufacturers were used to compare Human Brain Total RNA against Universal Human Reference RNA (both commercially available) prepared at two different starting amounts (20 µg or 1µg). For each level of RNA, 6 replicates were performed with Human Brain Total RNA labelled with Cy3, and Universal Human Reference RNA labelled with Cy5. The labelling was then reversed (dye flip) creating another 6 replicates. This meant that for each of the four manufacturers there were a total of 24 arrays. Image processing was performed with two different software packages, and data was normalized with three different strategies.
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transcription profiling by array, array comparison, hardware variation, normalization testing, software variation
Daniel Hopkins
Comparability of Gene Expression Measurements on Microarrays. Hopkins, D; Gout, S; Burns, M; Nixon, G; Andersen, M; Foy, C; et al. NMS April (2004)
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