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E-GEOD-84513 - Expression data comparing murine AE9a high and AE9a low expressing hematopoietic cells

Released on 19 July 2016, last updated on 23 July 2016
Mus musculus
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Microarray analysis was performed to examine potential differences in target gene expression of AE9a expressing low cells compared to AE9a expressing high cells. Potential contributing factors to AE9a induced leukemia were investigated. Embryonic day 13.5 to 14.5 fetal liver cells were harvested from C57Bl6 females. Cells were cultured in StemSpan media with 50ng/ml rat recombinant SCF, 10ng/ml human IL-6, and 10ng/ml murine IL-3. After overnight stimulation, cells were collected and transduced with two rounds of retrovirus (MIG-AE9a). Post transduction, cells were collected, counted and transplanted into lethally irradiated BoyJ recipient mice. Cells were expanded two to three weeks in vivo, mice were sacrificed, and bone marrow (BM) harvested. c-Kit+ cells were sorted (BD FACS Aria) for 30% low and 30% high GFP-expressing populations. Six AE9a low and six AE9a high samples were compared. RNA was isolated via the Qiagen RNeasy RNA isolation kit and submitted to the CCHMC Microarray Core. Samples were hybridized to an Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0 ST chip. Data was normalized using Expression Console and was analyzed using Qlucore Omics Explorer software.
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transcription profiling by array 
Kevin A Link <>, James C Mulloy, Shan Lin
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