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E-GEOD-83148 - Expression data of HBV infected liver tissue

Released on 28 February 2017, last updated on 9 February 2021
Homo sapiens
Samples (128)
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We analyzed three clinical parameters with gene expression data from 122 liver tissues. Six healthy samples were used in validation. All hepatitis samples were HBV infected, which was validated by positive HBsAg or serum HBV-DNA. The samples with HCV infection or metabolic liver injury (e.g. fatty liver, chronic alcoholic hepatitis, etc.) were excluded. This dataset is part of the TransQST collection.
Experiment type
transcription profiling by array 
Hongyuan Zheng, Jie Liu, Jiucun Wang, Weichen Zhou, Yanyun Ma
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Predictive model for inflammation grades of chronic hepatitis B: Large-scale analysis of clinical parameters and gene expressions. Zhou W, Ma Y, Zhang J, Hu J, Zhang M, Wang Y, Li Y, Wu L, Pan Y, Zhang Y, Zhang X, Zhang X, Zhang Z, Zhang J, Li H, Lu L, Jin L, Wang J, Yuan Z, Liu J. , PMID:28328162