E-GEOD-787 - Corticosteroid responsive genes

Submitted on 30 October 2003, released on 30 October 2003, last updated on 27 March 2012
Rattus norvegicus
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Three groups of Wistar rats with different manipulated levels of corticosterone were used to identify corticosteroid-responsive genes in hippocampus: 1. rats were adrenalectomised (ADX) 2. In addition to ADX these rats were implanted with a subcutaneous pellet containing 20 mg corticosterone and 80% cholesterol (ADX + low CORT) 3. In addition to ADX and implantation of a corticosterone pellet, these rats received a subcutaneous injection with corticosterone (1 mg/kg bodyweight) three hours prior to decapitation ((ADX + low CORT) + acute high CORT). All 3 groups of rats were decapitated three days after ADX and their hippocampus was isolated. Hippocampal RNA from 6 rats per group was pooled and used as input material for the SAGE libraries. Keywords: parallel sample
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transcription profiling by SAGE 
Nicole Datson <datson_n@lacdr.leidenuniv.nl>, E. Ronald de Kloet, Erno Vreugdenhil, Jeannette van der Perk
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