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E-GEOD-7844 - Differential DNA methylation profiles in estrogen-pre-exposed breast epithelial cells

Submitted on 17 May 2007, released on 30 November 2007, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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This study tried to determine whether exposure of breast stem/progenitor cells to estrogen disrupts the epigenome of progeny epithelial cells. DNA methylation profiles were compared between control and pre-exposed epithelial cells using a genome-wide detection method called MeDIP-chip. Keywords: MeDIP-chip Breast stem/progenitor cells were continuously exposed to 17beta-estradiol (E2, 70 nM) or DMSO (vehicle control) for two weeks and then placed on 2-dimensional collagen substratum for 2-3 weeks for epithelial cell differentiation. DNA from control and pre-exposed cells were extracted and MeDIP ssays were performed using antibodies against 5-methylcytosine. The immunoprecipitated and input DNA were used to probe the Agilent human CpG island microarray. Dye-swap experiments were also performed.
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methylation profiling by array 
Epithelial progeny of estrogen-exposed breast progenitor cells display a cancer-like methylome. Cheng AS, Culhane AC, Chan MW, Venkataramu CR, Ehrich M, Nasir A, Rodriguez BA, Liu J, Yan PS, Quackenbush J, Nephew KP, Yeatman TJ, Huang TH.
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