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E-GEOD-76763 - UMI-4C for quantitative and targeted chromosomal contact profiling

Released on 15 June 2016, last updated on 18 June 2016
Homo sapiens
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We developed a targeted chromosome conformation capture (4C) approach that uses unique molecular identifiers (UMI) to derive high complexity quantitative chromosome contact profiles with controlled signal to noise ratios. We demonstrate that the method improves the sensitivity and specificity for detection of long-range chromosomal interactions, and that it allows the design of interaction screens with predictable statistical power. UMI-4C robustly quantifies contact intensity changes between cell types and conditions, opening the way toward incorporation of long-range interactions in quantitative models of gene regulation. We constructed UMI-4C profiles of 13 different genomic loci (viewpoints) in five different cell lines, in order to study the 3D chromatin contact maps of these selected loci. The coordinates for these viewpoints are: G1p1 chrX:48646542; baitG1_3_5kb chrX:48641393; bait_50kb chrX:48595987; bait_165kb chrX:48476525; ANK1 chr8:41654693; hbb_3HS chr11:5221346; hbb_HBB chr11:5248714; hbb_HBBP1_G1 chr11:5266532; HBB_HBE chr11:5292159; HBB_HS2 chr11:5301345; HBB_HS3 chr11:5306690; HBB_HS5 chr11:5313539; HBB_HBD chr11:5256597
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