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E-GEOD-76397 - Gene expression signatures for murine alveolar type II lung epithelial cells after tumor bearing

Released on 10 August 2016, last updated on 13 August 2016
Mus musculus
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To determine the influence of primary tumors on pre-metastatic lungs, we have employed whole genome microarray expression profiling as a discovery platform to identify gene signatures of alveolar type II epithelial cells (AT-II) in TLR3 deficient mice (Tlr3-/-) and wide-type (WT) littermates with tumor bearing. We subcutaneously inoculated Tlr3-/- and WT mice with Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC). Two weeks later, lung tissues from Tlr3-/- and WT mice were dissociated and AT-II cells were sorted. AT-II cells from mice without tumor bearing were set as controls. Primary tumor induced gene expression in AT-II cells from Tlr3-/- and WT mice was measured at 2 weeks after tumor inoculation subcutaneously. AT-II cells from mice without tumor bearing were set as controls.
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transcription profiling by array 
Liu Yanfang <>, Xuetao Cao, Yanfang Liu
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