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E-GEOD-75455 - Expression profile of EV71-infection-responsive miRNAs

Released on 3 July 2016, last updated on 28 December 2016
Homo sapiens
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We attempted to identify potential miRNAs that can regulate viral replication by screening host miRNAs in EV71-infected RD cells. To compare the differential expression of miRNAs in EV71-infected cells at different time points, miRNA expression profiles were analyzed using Agilent Human MicroRNA Array chips. At 5 h p.i., the expression levels of most miRNAs in EV71-infected cells were not different from those of mock-infected cells. However, five miRNAs (miR-574-3p, miR-574-5p, miR-181d, miR-197, and miR-939) showed a miRNAs (miR-193a-3p and miR-324-5p) exhibited a increase in expression level in response to EV71 infection at 10 h p.i. RD cells were seeded (2*106 cells) in 10 cm dishes and incubated overnight. The cells were infected with EV71 (strain 2231) on ice at an M.O.I. of 10. After adsorption for 1 h, the virus suspension was replaced with DMEM containing 2% FBS, and the cells were harvested at the indicated times. Total cellular RNA extraction and miRNA microarray analyses were performed using the Agilent Human MicroRNA Array V2 chip, which contains 723 human and 76 viral miRNAs, each with 16 duplicates. Total gene signals were detected and analyzed using the GeneSpring 7.3.1 software and were normalized to the 75th percentile.
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