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E-GEOD-75442 - Spatial Differences in Gene Expression in the Bovine Oviduct

Released on 1 March 2016, last updated on 6 March 2016
Bos taurus
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The aim of this study was to compare the transcriptome of the different regions of the oviduct between pregnant and cyclic heifers. After synchronizing crossbred beef heifers, those in standing oestrus (=Day 0) were randomly assigned to cyclic (non bred, n=6), or pregnant (artificially inseminated, n=11) groups. They were slaughtered on Day 3 and both oviducts from each animal were isolated and cut in half to separate ampulla and isthmus. Each portion was flushed to confirm the presence of an oocyte/embryo and was then opened longitudinally and scraped to obtain epithelial cells which were snap-frozen. Oocytes and embryos were located in the isthmus of the oviduct ipsilateral to the corpus luteum. Microarray analysis of oviductal cells revealed that proximity to the corpus luteum did not affect the transcriptome of the isthmus, irrespective of pregnancy status. However, 2287 genes were differentially expressed (P<0.01) between the ampulla and isthmus of the oviduct ipsilateral to the corpus luteum. Gene ontology revealed that the main biological processes overrepresented in the isthmus were synthesis of nitrogen, lipids, nucleotides, steroids and cholesterol as well as vesicle-mediated transport, cell cycle, apoptosis, endocytosis and exocytosis, whereas cell motion, motility and migration, DNA repair, calcium ion homeostasis, carbohydrate biosynthesis and regulation of cilium movement and beat frequency were overrepresented in the ampulla. In conclusion, large differences in gene expression were observed between the isthmus and ampulla that reflect morphological and functional characteristics of each segment. Fifteen samples including 5 pregnant contralateral isthmus heifers, 5 cyclic contralateral isthmus heifers, and 5 pregnant ipsilateral ampulla heifers. Also, ten samples from GSE74593 were reanalyzed with these samples. The full set of processed data are linked at the bottom of the Series record.
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Peadar O'Gaora <>, Alfonso Gutierrez-Adan, Celia de Frutos, Dimitrios Rizos, Gregory W Burns, Niamh Forde, Patrick Lonergan, Peadar Ó Gaora, Thomas E Spencer, Veronica Maillo
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