4 protocols
normalization data transformation protocol
Illumina CASAVA version 1.8 were used to the basecalling. Reads were trimmed to remove the adapter sequences and low quality bases. RNA-seq reads were aligned to the mouse refference genome (mm9) using Tophat software gene expression level was calculated Cufflink. Genome_build: mm9 Supplementary_files_format_and_content: txt files reflect FPKM of each gene in Refseq.
sample treatment protocol
Oocytes/embryos were collected from 21-23-day-old female WT and YAP-/- mice after injection of PMSG/hCG and mated for embryos.
nucleic acid library construction protocol
60 oocytes/embryos were picked into the RLT lysis buffer, and RNA was prepared follow the protocol of QIAGEN's RNAeasy kit. Cells were picked into the lysis buffer to extracted mRNAs; then the purifed mRNAs were used to construct the cDNA library with the NEB RNA library construct kit. The quality-ensured libraries were used for pair-end deep sequencing on Illumina HiSeq Sequencer.
growth protocol
Mice were maintained under SPF conditions in a controlled environment of 20-22oC, with a 12/12 h light/dark cycle, 50-70% humidity, and food and water provided ad libitum. Animal care and experimental procedures were conducted in accordance with the Animal Research Committee guidelines of Zhejiang University.