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E-GEOD-74344 - Oocyte-expressed Yes-associated Protein (YAP) is a Key Activator of the Early Zygotic Genome in Mouse

Released on 28 February 2016, last updated on 6 March 2016
Mus musculus
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We generated maternal and paternal mouse models with Yap1-deletion, and elucidated the function of maternal YAP in zygotic genome activation. RNA sequencing with 2 WT oocyte samples at GV stage, 2 YAP-/- oocyte samples at GV stage, 1 WT embryo samples at 4cell stage, 1 YAP-/- embryo samples at at 4-cell stage.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Oocyte-expressed yes-associated protein is a key activator of the early zygotic genome in mouse. Yu C, Ji SY, Dang YJ, Sha QQ, Yuan YF, Zhou JJ, Yan LY, Qiao J, Tang F, Fan HY. , PMID:26902285
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