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E-GEOD-74126 - Rapid and affordable genome-wide bisulfite DNA sequencing by XmaI-RRBS

Released on 1 November 2015, last updated on 3 December 2015
Homo sapiens
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We describe XmaI-RRBS method for rapid and affordable genome-wide DNA methylation analysis, with library preparation taking only four days and sequencing possible within four hours. Small sizes of the XmaI-RRBS libraries allow their multiplexing and sequencing on the benchtop high-throughput machines. Described here is the first RRBS protocol validated for the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine. DNA from MCF7 cell line and 6 normal breast samples (total 7 samples) were subjected to reduced representation bisulfite sequencing analysis (XmaI-RRBS) by using Ion Torrent platform.
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methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing 
Alexander S. Tanas <>, Alexander S Tanas, Vladimir V Strelnikov
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