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E-GEOD-72651 - Effects of ursolic acid and tomatidine on skeletal muscle mRNA expression in aged mice

Released on 3 September 2015, last updated on 4 September 2015
Mus musculus
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For additional details see Ebert et al, Identification and Small Molecule Inhibition of an ATF4-dependent Pathway to Age-related Skeletal Muscle Weakness and Atrophy. Weight-matched cohorts of 22-month-old male C57BL/6 mice were provided ad libitum access to standard chow (control) or standard chow supplemented with 0.27% ursolic acid (UA) or 0.05% tomatidine (TM) for 2 months. After the 2 month treatment period, quadriceps femoris muscles were harvested. mRNA levels in muscles harvested from ursolic acid or tomatidine fed mice were normalized to levels in muscles fed control diet.
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