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E-GEOD-72392 - Kidney gene expression profile following the transplant-induced reactivation of MCMV

Released on 27 August 2015, last updated on 6 September 2015
Mus musculus
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Reactivation of latent HCMV is a significant infectious complication of organ transplantation, and current therapies target viral replication once reactivation of transcriptionally silent, latent virus has already occurred. The specific molecular pathways that activate viral gene expression are not well understood. Our studies aim to identify these factors, with the goal of developing novel therapies that prevent transcriptional reactivation in transplant recipients. MCMV is a valuable model for studying latency and reactivation of CMV induced by organ transplantation. We previously demonstrated that transplantation of MCMV-latently infected kidneys into allogeneic recipients induces transcriptional reactivation of immediate early (IE) gene expression within 48 hr. We used microarrays to profile global mouse kidney gene expression associated with transcriptional reactivation of MCMV immediate early gene expression at 48 hr after transplant of MCMV latently infected kidneys into allogeneic recipients. We identified differentially expressed genes and pathways associated with both early acute rejection and reactivation of MCMV. control vs. allograft
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transcription profiling by array 
Chunfa Jie, Mary Hummel
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